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The following is the complete timeline of Radiant Historia with all 236 events as they appear in-game. This includes normal events, nodes, sidequests and bad endings.


Children of Historia
Night Watch
Alternate History
The Beginning
Standard History
Soldier Recruit
Joining Rosch Brigade
Force Core
Specint Assignment
The Closed Mine
The Fallen Capital
Top Secret Mission
Breaking Rocks
Duel in the Dark

Chapter 1

Red-Letter Day
A New Mission
Marco the Calm
To Granorg
The King's Daughter
A Knight's End
Summoned by Raul
Raynie the Active
The Bridge at Lazvil
Princess' Charge
Flower of Promise
Through Lazvil
What Was Inherited
The Messenger's News
The Queen Ascendant
A Letter to Tomorrow
Heiss' Intentions
Distorted Hope
Accident in the Cave
A Voice Unheard
Reporting to Viola
Engineer Recruit
Echoing Hills
Struggle With Bandits
Kiel's Talent
The Valkyrie
Front of Despair
Conditions Worsen
Ambush Tactics
Stocke's Display
A Sealed Path
Sand Fortress Battle
Sword Dancing
A Message from Home
Collecting Wood
Preparing a Meal
Aht's Prayer
The Sister
The Ultimate Dish
An Ancient City

Chapter 2

Viola's Decision
Alistel Offensive
Mankind & Beastkind
Duty Revealed
Battle of Gran Plain
Chains of Hatred
Castle Sewers
One and Only
The Lion General
A Meeting Too Late
Secret of the Sewers
Wolf in the Fold
Rosch in Crisis
How to Disappear
Fated Assassination
Lives Entrusted
High Alert
Swordsman Recruit
Success Infiltration
Mercenary Recruit
Parting Ways
Princess of Light

Chapter 3

The Beastkind Forest
The Resistance
Sand Sword
Unacceptable Loss
To Cornet Village
Despairing Young Man
Beastkind's Favor
Evil Tidings
Report from Vanoss
Capital in Flames
Wandering Soul
Darkness in Alistel
Second Opinion
Eruca's Whereabouts
Will's Sword
Fleeting Peace
Reunion with Raul
Battlefield Missive
Aht's Fight
Premonition of War
Pierre's Betrayal
Asassination of Raul
Shattered Steel Arm
Assassination of Dias
Rescue the Princess
Something Precious
Rosch in Agony
The World's Betrayal
Wounded Otto
Lion's Awakening
Will to the Rescue
Aht's Camp
Death of a Friend
Stray Lion
Rosch in Fury
East and West Battle

Chapter 4

Celestian War
Imprisoned Stocke
A Friend to Elm
Blade's Resurrection
Saving Aht
Winds of War
Inquiry in the Desert
Call to Destruction
The Tournament
The Eternal War
A New Alliance
A Beastkind Warrior
Chi-Clad Warrior
Aht's Sacrifice
Gafka's Past
Breaker of Chi
Search for Friends
A New Battle
Road to Forgia
The Great Menace
The Next Foe
Gafka's Homeland
Desert City Messiah
The Road to Victory
A King's Decision

Chapter 5

Battle for Skalla
An Unwanted Reunion
Scorching Battlefield
Hedge in Exile
Rosch's Stratagem
Simmering Fury
Warlord's Request
A Mighty King's Death
Gafka and the Scrolls
Skalla Liberated
Dias Strikes
The Ultimate Skill
Sand Fortress Siege
The Beast God's Birth
Stocke Strikes
At Journey's End
Commander's Fall
Beast God's Reign
Secret Weapons
Oncoming Calamity
Forbidden Weaponry
Garland's Arrival
Divine Judgement
Destroy the Ballistas
Royal Talisman
Terrain Advantage
A Black Disciple
A New Journey

Chapter 6

Flux War
The Living Legend
Waiting at Skalla
The Royal Secret
The Three Contracts
An Introduction
Merchant Tarquin
Turning of the Tide
The Blades Trial
To Holff Ruins
Moon Armlet
Viola's Last Stand
The Starlit Trial
The Beast Mark Trial
The Good Thief's Way
In Pursuit
The Light Trial
Overcoming the Trial
Hugo the Omnipotent
The Final Trial
The Final Defense
Premature Invasion
Thaumatech's End
Wielder of Infinity
The Impregnable
A Scholar's Creed
An End to Madness
The Royal Throne

Final Chapter

A Timely Warning
The Shadow Crown
Heiss' Scheme
Call for Destruction
The Sacrifice
The Madness of Heiss
After Heiss
Warlord's Sword
The Road Perilous
The Black Guardians
Monstrosity in Black
Warlord in Black
Death in Black
Valkyrie in Black
Death Knell
Final Battleground
Valkyrie in Repose
Ritual of Flux
Iron-Armed General
A Warrior in Love
Beast God at Rest
The Show Goes On
The Lives of Humans
Life of the Beastkind
Overseers of Time
A Little Hero
A Promise


  • There are two events called "Breakthrough" in the Standard History, one in Chapter 1 and the other in Chapter 3. It is possible this was a translation oversight.
  • One of the bad endings in Chapter 3 has the word "assassination" misspelled. Other events that use the word use the correct spelling.