"Stocke decides to ambush the enemy, but loses a great deal of time in the process.
While his party is waiting in the mine, a seperate Granorg unit storms the city of Alistel. All is lost."
White Chronicle


Rosch's Brigade ambushed the Granorg forces in Alma Mine. It was a plan that would prove successful. The Granorg soldiers were mowed down at the hands of the valiant men in Rosch's Brigade. The problem was time. Despite their victory, the hard-fought battle proved too time consuming. Granorg's forces were dispatched not only to Alma Mine, but to the Sand Fortress as well. Once the Sand Fortress fell, Granorg's march on Alistel was unimpeded. It was only a matter of time before Alistel was seized by the full might of Granorg. Rosch and his brigade were destined to face the futility of many impossible battles.