The other, "newer" wikiEdit

For some reason, the link to the new wiki ( doesn't work.  It either doesn't load, or redirects to some non-related ad site.  I've tried going to it using different computers/browsers, but alas, the result is the same/similar every time.  It's REALLY frustrating.

I can see the page if I Google it and then go onto this site (, but when I try to go to the actual page it redirects to an ad.

I've been trying to find a way to get on it for god knows how long...  Seriously, FML.

I don't know what happened there (I don't even know why they left in the first place), but this wiki is still up and running, so I don't see why we shouldn't contribute here. If you Google "Radiant Historia" this is one of the firsts results, so I'd say it's better to just stay here. - DarioEMeloD (talk)

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