This article is about the term. For the event, see The Sacrifice.

A Sacrifice is essential in the Ritual of Flux, and it is usually a member of the Granorg royal family. They die by offering their soul, but then are revived with a fraction of the ritual's caster's soul. They receive the White Chronicle to travel through time and understand the hope for the future, and once they decide to give their life for the sake of others they are considered "enlightened", allowing them to complete the ritual with a strong soul.



Heinrich was selected as a sacrifice and was supposed to perform the ritual with his brother, King Victor, but he escaped before returning his soul, killing his brother and stealing the Black Chronicle in the process. The king's children, Eruca and Ernst, were selected to perform the ritual in their place, with Ernst serving as a sacrifice. However, before he could return his sister's soul, he was kidnapped by Heinrich and they were never seen again.

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