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Raul’s secretary is a woman who worked as Lieutenant General Raul’s administrative assistant.  She is never given a proper name, only being referred to by various titles such as “her” or “my secretary” (Raul), “Raul’s secretary” (Raynie), “the woman” (Marco), and “my sister” (her brother).

Profile Edit

Not much is known about Raul’s secretary, as she never appears in the game.  However, a few things can be inferred about her through her sacrifice: that she was brave, selfless, and cared enough about Raul to risk her own life for him, although the last point can be contested; she could have tried to protect Raul out of a sense of duty, for surely his death would’ve crippled Alistel (a few bad endings do show that catastrophe always follows Raul’s death).  Her brother also describes her as “fawning” in contrast to himself, which suggests that she admired Raul and held him in high regard.

Story Edit

Alternate History Edit

According to Raul, an assassin, sent by Hugo, entered his office one day and attacked him.  Raul’s secretary tried to protect him and as a result, she perished at the assassin’s hands.  Raul blames himself for her death and suffers an incredible amount of guilt over it, but later on, he channels these negative feelings into productivity, and discovers a newfound will to win the war against Granorg and to free Alistel from corruption, as he says, “for her sake.”

Standard History Edit

Raul’s secretary is never mentioned in this timeline.

Ending Edit

Because her brother appears as Raul’s new secretary, it is implied that her death in Alternate History either (a) carried over to Standard History, or (b) somehow affected Standard History in a way that caused her to die in Standard History as well.  It is also possible that her death in Standard History was completely unrelated to her death in Alternate History, though this seems unlikely.  It is not known whether or not she died of the same circumstances as she did in Alternate History.

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