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Mana is the life force that dwells within all living things, and the driving force behind the powers of Flux and Thaumatech.

Mana also dwells within the world itself, but with the power of Flux and the abuse of Thaumatech the Mana is quickly being drained out of the continent, resulting in a rapid progression of the desertification.

There exists a basic, fixed quantity of Mana in the continent, and the Mana that is consumed can never be recovered. However, the Boundary Tree in Celestia has the exceptional power to create small amounts of Mana to supply to the earth.


  • People have known about Mana dwelling in humans and animals for a long time, and many even consider it some kind of a cult.
  • When a lifeform runs out of Mana after their death, they turn into sand. This effect can also be caused by a disease known as the Sand Plague, which kills people by depleting their Mana.

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