The Historica (ヒストリカ, Hisutorica) is a magical sword passed down in Celestia. When it glows a strange light, it can suppress the power to manipulate time.



It was forged in the old empire as a tool able to deter the reckless usage of the White and Black Chronicles, and then entrusted in the hands of the Satyros tribe elder, Barranca.

The blade was later given to a Satyros swordsman, Samra. When Celestia was attacked by Alistel, Samra used the last of his strength to get there, only to fall into the hands of Hugo.

Flux WarEdit

After his defeat in Granorg, General Hugo escaped back to Alistel and looked for the Historica. He went down to Fennel's Underground Lab, where he was able to absorb the power of Flux within the sword, gaining tremendous power. Stocke took the Old Magic Blade and returned it to Elm, who revealed that the sword once belonged to her lost friend, Samra. After seeing the state of the sword, Elm took it to the Boundary Tree and restored Historica's power.

Stocke returned to fight Hugo, and with the newly restored sword he was able to counteract Hugo's Flux, allowing the team to defeat him.

True HistoricaEdit

As per an old agreement between the Satyros, Gutral and Goblin tribes, Master Vainqueur was entrusted with a spell to strengthen the magical blade.

After Stocke completed Master Vainqueur's final trial, the Historica started to shine, reacting to his owner's strength. Vainqueur claimed that the blade wanted to become more powerful to match his wielder, and he was able to unleash the blade's true power, turning it into the True Historica.

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