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Gutrals (ブルート, Burūto) are a simian-like beastkind race that inhabit in Forgia, a small village deep within Abyssia Forest.




Unlike the Satyros, which rely on their mysterious powers to keep them on an even footing with humanity, the Gutrals take pride in their formidable physiques and their control of Chi, with power equal to or greater than the mightiest human warriors. Still, contrary to their appearance, the Gutrals are gentle and have honest hearts. They are deeply opposed to war and rarely even resort to force.

However, many years before the events of the game, humans had made them fight on their armies' behalf, using them as mere weapons of war. As a result, Gutrals bear a strong resentment against them, and retreated back to Forgia cutting all ties to the external world. Nevertheless, there are some Gutrals who think that not all humans are to blame, like Gafka, but they are quickly banished from their country because of this.


  • The armor and overall appearance of the Gutrals is heavily Chinese-influenced, sharing a strong resemblance with the mythological Monkey King.