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Five Granorgites

The party faces five Granorgites in the Sand Fortress. The one in the center is a Granorg Defender.

Granorg Defenders are enemies in Radiant Historia, and the well-armored soldiers of the Granorg military. They have a lot of HP, but can be defeated with magic without too much trouble.


Chapter 1Edit

Standard HistoryEdit

Chapter 2Edit

Standard HistoryEdit

Alternate HistoryEdit

Chapter 3Edit

Standard HistoryEdit

  • Granorg
  • Granorg (boss: Granorg Defender x4)
  • Granorg (boss: Hermit Pierre, Granorg Defender, Blue Granorg Archer x3)
  • Sand Fortress

Chapter 6Edit

Standard HistoryEdit

  • Granorg

Related EnemiesEdit

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