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Gafka (ガフカ, Gafuka) is a former resident of Forgia, who has been banished by the other gutrals for being sympathetic with humans. Thus, he joins Stocke and his friends.


1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
50 610 101 86 68 35 25 31 31
99 1194 185 200 152 71 48 62 66



Name MP Cost Range Description Learned
Air Assault 3 Single enemy Physical attack. Launches enemy into air. 26
Push Assault 3 Single enemy Physical attack. Pushes enemy back. 26
Elemental Beads 6 Single enemy Physical/ Pulls target forward 26
Mushin 2 1 ally Temporarily raises critical rate 26
Divine Spirit 8 Front line Physical/ Knock targets back 33
Echoing Impulse 10 1 column Physical/ Knock targets back 39
Qigong 3 1 ally Recovers HP (low) 45
Qigong Wave 6 Center column Physical 28
Bedrock Smash 12 Back row Physical 55
Dohatsuten 12 1 row Physical/ Knock targets right 50
Waxing Rage 1 1 ally Raises ATK / Lowers DEF 60
Musou 10 Center enemy

Physical (x9)

Strongman Book
Wind God Strike 20 All enemies Physical, pulls all enemies on center tile Wind God Book
Triple Strike 6 Single enemy Physical attack 3 times Tristrike Book
Cosmos 6 All allies Temporarily raises critical attack Omnipedia Book

Mana BreakEdit

Name Range Description Learned
Turn Break 1 enemy Deletes target's turn panel. White Page
Lightning Hammer All enemies Lightning damage Black page
Sky Hammer 1 enemy Physical damage (high) Beast Mark


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