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The Alistel Officer is a mid-high ranked Alistellian field officer that wears a yellow uniform with silver armor.



The player encounters two Alistel Soldiers and an Officer in the backstreets of Skalla during the Alternate History: Chapter 5.

When aligned in their formation at the back row they attack you with their signature poison attack. Keep them out of formation with Right and Left Assaults. Don't use Push Assault as it will move them to the back and they will easily complete their formation. As for the offensive, use Marco's Magic Rise, stack some turns by switching the turn order of your current turn with the enemies to kick up a combo for extra damage when you unleash your combo attack, and use G skills such as G-Fire which should have been obtained by now. Magic works well in this. Take out the Soldiers first. The Officer will start spamming a new move when he's on his own but it shouldn't be too hard at this point. Now finish off the officer and you're done.


Officers are also encountered in Granorg working in concert with the Granorg military. You will see them with Thaumachines and with Heavy Granorgites. They wield swords with shields like the Officer in Skalla, but are relatively scaled down to the difficulty of the average generic enemy.

Underground LabEdit

They are considered the bulk of the security force of the Underground Lab in Alistel. They carry lances or the sword and shield combination. They are found in larger groups or are working with Thaumachines or Thautomatons. They are also Hugo's source of reinforcement during the battle with him and they appear in a duo armed with lances.

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